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Rainbow Splatter Collection

Rainbow Splatter Collection

Paint splattered ceramic baubles with ribbon. Each one is hand-painted so there is just one of each available.


Each bauble is approximately 6cm.


If you would like your baubles personalised, please add this option to your basket as well.


Please select the number(s) corresponding to the bauble(s) you woud like - see photo 2 or details below:


1 - red splatters on red and white block background with red twisted yarn ribbon

2 - orange splatters on orange and white background with orange yarn ribbon

3 - yellow splatters on yellow and white background with yellow yarn ribbon

4 - green splatters on green and white block background with green yarn ribbon

5 - blue splatters on blue and white block background with blue yarn ribbon

6 - purple splatters on purple and white block background with purple yarn ribbon

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