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Listen to the Waves

Listen to the Waves

An original seascape painting which escapes out to bridge the gap between you and the waves. The water gently laps towards you - you're walking down the beach listening to the waves and feeling the cool water around your ankles. 


The sea has an amazing ability to instil both calmness and energy simultaneously. It can make you slow down and breathe a little deeper, and for a lot of people it is their favourite place to be. Bring a little snippet of these feelings into your home, and let this painting tide you over until you can next be on the beach yourself.


Oil and acrylic on 360gsm primed paper handmade in the UK, with paint escaping out onto the multi-apeture mount. 


Framed ready to hang.


Outer frame dimensions are 89 x 48.5 cm.

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