Hello I'm Emma and I'm a contemporary artist working in a variety of genres with a current focus on landscapes. I have a degree in History of Art from The University of Warwick, and have exhibited in galleries across West Sussex, Surrey and in London where I was awarded the title of RBA (Royal Society of British Artists) Scholar in 2014. 
Artist Statement:
I take the traditional medium of oil paint and give it a contemporary and quirky twist. My 'Painting Outside the Box' series was inspired by a desire to literally 'think outside the box'. Landscapes spill out of their painted frames to draw the viewer into the scenes and to challenge concepts of space and boundaries - paths continue out of the painting, clouds drift out beyond the sky and waves break over the edge. My work is displayed in vintage and antique frames, again mixing contemporary and traditional elements. 
My work is also based around ideas of contrast – I juxtapose simple and striking linear forms with expressive landscape paintings and dynamic water drawings to create energy and tension in the finished works. The proportion and placement of these linear forms are carefully considered to ensure that the finished work of art has a sense of balance within the tensions of contrast.
The linear forms in my work also play with ideas of space and depth. In my water pencil drawings, lines weave through the forms challenging spatial expectations and forcing alternative ways of viewing; the water seems to be suspended, frozen in time, or bent around the lines.
Coming from a History of Art background, I have been inspired by a wide range of artistic influences, including traditional landscape paintings, the work of abstract artists such as Piet Mondrian from the early twentieth-century, and the impasto used by contemporary painters such as Jenny Saville. I aim to create works inspired by tradition but with a quirky contemporary twist.