Hello - I'm Emma and I'm an artist specialising in escaping paintings and calming seascapes. My work is fuelled by earl grey tea and crisps, and I paint from my studio by the sea in Brighton.


My work:

I want my art to make you smile. I paint happy things and favourite places - it could be a  special view, your pet, or your family home - anything that brings you joy and reminds you of happy times.

I want to bring these views as close as possible. Little elements of my paintings escape out of painted boxes or over onto mounts - clouds drift out in the breeze, waves crash over, and sometimes you have to peer over trees to see the view behind. I call this 'Painting Outside the Box'.

As well as doing custom paintings of the things that are most important to you, I paint the sea which is my own favourite place. Being by the sea makes me feel calm and energised at the same time, and it has a way of making me breathe a little deeper. I paint it as a reminder of this feeling, and I make it escape to give you the sense that you're sharing a space - you're on the beach, on the boat, or in the water bobbing along too. 

The environment:


I want my business to be as environmentally friendly as possible.


I mostly use second-hand frames for my paintings. They're full of character and history, and have a much lower environmental impact than something brand new. A lot of the frames I use come from local charity shops (another of my favourite places) and I love giving them a new lease of life.


I save and re-use packaging for your orders too - all of the bubble wrap and boxes have been saved from previous parcels, and they're secured with recyclable tape and brown paper. I'd love it if you could hang onto the packaging and use it again to reduce waste - you'll find a (recycled and recyclable) sticker on your box, please tick a box and pass it on when needed!

I have an account with Ecologi who plant a biodiverse mix of native tree species around the world, while employing local workers and supporting communities. Since August 2021, 10 trees are planted for every painting or print I sell (and 1 tree was planted for each piece sold before that date). You also have the option to double this by selecting the '+ 10 extra trees' postage option at checkout. So far you've helped to plant over 1000 trees - thank you!

Available works:


I have original artwork available, and I release framed giclee print collections occasionally too. If you would like to design you own custom painting, please get in touch so we can chat about ideas and I can give you a no-obligation quote. 

Keep in touch:


Follow me on instagram to see my new work, process videos and inspiration (relaxing sea videos), and sign up to my 'Inside the Box' emails to receive exclusive offers and early access to upcoming collections. 

Thank you so much for visiting my website and for all your support with my small business - it means the world!

Emma x 


Photo by Becky Mursell Photography