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When my Grannie was diagnosed with vascular Dementia and Alzheimer's disease in 2016 I started teaching her to paint. You can watch our journey on the 'dementia art' highlight on my Instagram.


This painting was her biggest project and features all of Grannie's favourite garden birds. Having not painted since she was at school, she is incredibly proud of what she can do. This sense of achievement is so important for people with dementia as their independence is unfairly reduced with the progression of the condition.


Grannie and I would therefore like to share these birds in the hope that they spread awareness, change perceptions and also raise some money for the charity that provides so much support to so many families - Alzheimer's Society.


Greetings cards are available to purchase, and other products featuring these birds can be purchased through Redbubble and all of the profits will be donated to Alzheimer's Society. Click HERE to see the full range of products available. 

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